This house proposal comes from multiple factors that determine the development of the project, namely the characteristics of the site, its surrounding environment, adjacent buildings and sunlight, and meeting the needs and expectations of its future residents. Regarding the house, perhaps one of the most relevant factors is the sun exposure, because the south side is in opposite to the sea view, and in particular caused some problems in the way the two elements are reconciled to benefit the space. Taking the above factors into consideration, we suggest that the house be implanted in a relatively high terrain area, and a longitudinal space should be proposed so that openings can be found in both the north and the south to ensure that various spaces overlooking the sea and direct sunlight are used simultaneously. Due to the reduction in the building area of the house, it was decided to create an open space to realize a multifunctional residence, supplemented by an external space with beautiful garden views. Considering the current type of Mediterranean climate, some of the outdoor spaces that are partially covered are essential to enjoy the place, so they can actually be used all year round.