This house proposal results from a number of factors that determine the project development, namely the characteristics of the place, its surroundings, the adjacent buildings and sun exposure, and also to meet the needs and desires of its future inhabitants.

In addition, the owners intended to develop a small farm, so these two functions had to be well articulated in order to ensure greater sustainability.

Regarding the house, one of the factors that may be of great relevance refers to sun exposure, given that the south side is exactly opposite the views, raising some questions especially in the way of reconciling these two elements for the benefit of the spaces.

Taking into account the factors mentioned, we propose the implantation of the house in a relatively high area of the terrain, proposing a longitudinal volume in order to allow the location of openings both in the north and in the south, guaranteeing the simultaneous use of the various spaces overlooking the sea and good sun exposure.

In terms of architectural language, we wanted a house adapted to the place, aiming for a volume of contemporary language, with clean lines, but at the same time based on traditional roots, through its own volumetry, not only in its exterior appearance, but also in the quality of the interior space.

The house is developed only on the ground floor, and a basement floor is also proposed, essential to support the proposed agricultural activity, where the areas for storage and drying will be located. The location of these spaces on a basement floor allows to simultaneously guarantee essential support areas for agricultural exploration, and to reduce the visual impact and occupation area of the building on the land. On the other hand, the difference in land levels, evidenced by an existing slope, reinforced the need for a basement floor, guaranteeing distinct access to housing and agricultural uses, and a better implantation in the topography of the land.

Given the reduced construction area of the house, it was decided to create open spaces, allowing a versatile home, complemented by exterior spaces privileged by the magnificent projection on the sea. Some of the outdoor spaces, partially covered, are essential for the enjoyment of the place, considering the type of Mediterranean climate present, which allows its use practically all year round.

In this sense, and in line with the owner’s objectives, we also proposed a “belvedere” area, a raised terrace on the west side of the house, area with great visual projection.

Also in the context of greater enjoyment of the landscape and outdoor spaces, it was proposed to locate the swimming pool at the south of the house, ensuring the necessary sun exposure, and avoiding excessive shading of this space.

As far as pedestrian and car access to the property will be guaranteed to the west side of the terrain, proposing a route in white gravel to the house, with access to the house on the west side through a porch that makes the transition between outside and the inside.