This house was designed to maximize the relation with the local, a contemporary design and its functionality, considering it’s a family house and at the same time a tourist accommodation. The house design blurs the borders between interior and exterior and maximizes the feeling of continuity and expansion of space. The concept was to create a volumetry that integrates itself in the place, organized in only one floor.

Conceptually, the house develops into three volumes, with a central volume where the social spaces are located. From this volume comes out two other volumes, more private, composed of an aggregation of suites modules, seeking an organic and rhythmic relationship with the outside, minimizing the impact of the building.

The space between these volumes is the private outdoor living area, with the garden and the swimming pool. Around the house, the big pine trees and the local vegetation is used as a green curtain, to protect from the exposure to the two roads in the north and west side.

The sun exposure is also a relevant factor in the house organization, and it was important that all the main spaces enjoy the same natural light. Therefore we propose the central volume with the social areas facing the east and west, focusing the relation and projection on the outdoor spaces, at spring, the garden and pool, and at west more reserved courtyard.

This same relation is intended for the areas of the rooms, where a strong connection with the outside and at the same time a good sun exposure was sought. In this case, because they are two similar volumes, the sun exposure of both is not equal, so it was necessary to ensure that the north volume had windows facing the south, to get some sunlight presence.