From the property in question can be highlighted several reference elements, which inevitably end up being decisive in the design decisions, seeking a coherent solution with the location, emphasizing the proximity of the sea, the constant presence of the castle to the north and The ancient roman way. Other points to note is the location of the terrain at the beginning of the castle slope, which as mentioned above has a rather rugged topography.

In terms of tourism, the region is not only characterized by its offer of sun / beach product, due to its proximity to beaches with landscaping of great natural value, but also as a region with its own identity and cultural values characteristic of our county, which increasingly attracts another type of tourism.

In this context, it is emphasized the importance of encouraging in the future the creation of small local dwellings that contribute to combat the seasonality of the existing demand. For this reason, it is essential to make a different one, associating this type of space with different activities than usual.

Regarding the activity that the client intends to implement, it is an eco-project with unique characteristics within the scope of the tourism offer in the municipality of Sesimbra. It is a concept very focused on ecological sensitivity, seeking food production using ancient techniques, organic production, always accompanied by a pedagogical aspect, seeking to convey knowledge and information about the processes used to its visitors.

In addition to this more productive aspect, the project also includes a more spiritual aspect, seeking to assert itself as a place of introspection and personal knowledge, as well as responding to an increasingly sought after type of tourism.

Conceptually, we sought to create two distinct bodies, articulated with each other, with different relations with the territory, but at the same time assumed themselves as one volume, being part of a “whole”.

As in the duality of dwelling and working, these two bodies also assume different uses. A first body makes the reception to those who arrive, proposing in this the most social spaces, such as living room and kitchen. The way it is implanted on site also allows the creation of an outer bag that protrudes over the vegetation, a space suitable for leisure and group dynamics. Unlike this body, the rearmost volume, where the rooms of the dwelling are located, assumes a much more reserved role, turning its back to the access zone, also turning west.

Considering the importance of existing vegetation as well as sun exposure in the development of the project, it was sought that the two volumes turn back and protect themselves from the road area and access, and turn to the remaining property, facing south and west, ensuring the several compartments the simultaneous enjoyment of sight on the “green” and garden and a good sun exposure. Also in the sense of really enjoying this place, the creation of generous terraces next to the house is proposed.