The proposed house results from a set of determining factors, namely the characteristics of the place, its surroundings, the sun exposure, as well as seeking to respond to the needs and desires of its future inhabitants and its way of inhabiting and appropriation of spaces.

In terms of volume, the solution adopted took into account the fact that the house is part of a set of two houses, and it was necessary to study the overall solution looking for a good integration of both in that place.

In this sense, the house was organized on two floors, maintaining a relationship in terms of height, balanced with the surrounding built. It is also proposed a basement floor for storage and technical installations, namely for installation of the heating system.

The access to the plot is through the south side, towards the garage at the back side, creating a single common access, automobile and pedestrian, freeing the rest terrain for garden and leisure spaces.

In terms of the organization of the housing program, the most functional spaces are proposed in areas of lesser exposure to the sun, such as sanitary facilities and stairways, thus freeing the south and west areas for more permanent spaces, more social spaces such as, living room, dining room and kitchen, and on the 1st floor the bedrooms.

With regard to the articulation between compartments, it was sought to create fluid spaces and without great visual barriers between them, privileging the relation with the outside, namely garden and swimming pool, through the glass enclosure.

Contrary to the southern part of the house, the north-facing back façade is much more closed, not only due to the lack of sun exposure, but also due to the existence of two houses located at an upper elevation, jeopardizing their privacy.