The present proposal refers to the construction of three houses of three different owners. In this sense, and looking for volumes integrated in the place, it was decided that the three houses were organized in two floors, maintaining a relation in terms of volume, balanced with the rest of the surrounding constructions.

Since it was a joint project, it was sought that the three houses had the same architectural language, but that they were all different.

Both the implantation of the houses and their spatial organization took into account the defined distances, and at the same time the need to create more reserved gardens, with good solar exposition, reason why we opted to retreat to the maximum the constructions, reserving a larger area facing west.

We tried that the pedestrian and car accesses were made by a single route, freeing the garden for leisure space. The north and south facades are more closed, for privacy reasons, regarding the confining houses.

In terms of volume, the ground floor and upper floor are similar, being the porch to the west the element that breaks this volumetry and gives rhythm to the houses. The porch is the connecting element between the garden and pool and the interior spaces, also ensuring some shade and protection of the glazing.

In the three houses the social spaces were turned to the garden, offering generous glazing to guarantee a visual relation of continuity between the interior and exterior.