The present project results from a set of determining factors, namely the characteristics of the place, its surroundings, the sun exposure, as well as seeking to respond to the needs and desires of its future inhabitants and its way of appropriation of the spaces.

Both the implantation of the house and its spatial organization took into account the distances defined in the allotment, but at the same time the need to create some privacy and a good solar exposure, reason why we opted to back off the house, zone facing north, reserving a more open and lighted area to the south.

Considering the generous area of the plot, and its extension with street front, it was possible to develop the house on a single floor, making the interior spaces more fluid, and with a direct and constant relation to the garden. Its U-shape allows the creation of a more private outdoor space, in which the spaces of greater permanence are turned to, such as the living room and kitchen, as well as the 3 rooms, taking advantage of a direct relation with the garden and swimming pool, with an excellent sun exposure, but with some privacy.



The access to the lot is by the East side, next to the garage, thus creating a single common access, automobile and pedestrian, freeing the remaining patio for gardens and leisure spaces. In the entrance area of the house, more indented, it is proposed an outdoor patio that brings indirect light to this space, marking the strong connection between the exterior and the interior.

The North façade it’s also more closed, although in the dining area a large opening has been opened to receive indirect North light, establishing a visual continuity between the back garden and the main garden.

In order to create some volumetric rhythm, we decided to raise the central volume of the living room and kitchen, in relation to the two lateral volumes where the rooms are located, whose horizontality is demarcated by the central body shading, that ties the 3 volumes.