The present proposal arises from the interpretation of the various factors that can condition the way of living, either by the place and surrounding, or by the needs and desires of its future inhabitants, being determinant in the development of a solution not only coherent with the place but also in its organization.

The plot is located in a condominium where some rules are previously established that condition the project, taking also into consideration the pre-existences of that place. In this sense, and looking for a volumetry that integrates in the place, we opted for a house organized in only one floor, maintaining a relation in terms of heights, balanced with the remaining surrounding constructions.

As for the house itself, it was also sought that its compartments, enjoy both the views to the north and east, as well as to this south-facing garden area, proposing a more permeable spaces looking not only for a greater relation between the interior and the exterior as well as greater sun exposure.

Regarding the organization of the house program, taking advantage of the terrain’s own topography, we decided to mark the transitions between the kitchen and dining areas for the living room as well as the more private areas of the rooms. These variations are made either by steps or by variations of the heights of the compartments, try to impress some dynamics in the way of inhabiting this house.

It is also important to note the location of the entrance area relative to the house, where we wanted to place the hall in a central area, thus ensuring the distribution to the social and functional area as well as the rooms, seeking to centralize and maximize the circulation spaces, favoring the main compartments.

The transition to the private spaces of the house, where the family rooms will be located, will be emphasized not only through the passage to a 30 cm lower level but also through the creation of a small garden patio, allowing the lighting of this area.