This house proposal results from a number of factors that determine the project development, namely the characteristics of the place, its surroundings, the adjacent buildings and sun exposure, and also to meet the needs and desires of its future inhabitants.

Regarding the house, one of the factors that may be of great relevance refers to sun exposure, given that the south side is exactly opposite the views, raising some questions especially in the way of reconciling these two elements for the benefit of the spaces.

Taking into account the factors mentioned, we propose the implantation of the house in a relatively high area of the terrain, proposing a longitudinal volume in order to allow the location of openings both in the north and in the south, guaranteeing the simultaneous use of the various spaces overlooking the sea and good sun exposure.

Given the reduced construction area of the house, it was decided to create open spaces, allowing a versatile home, complemented by exterior spaces prevailing the view to the garden. Some of the outdoor spaces, partially covered, are essential for the enjoyment of the place, considering the type of Mediterranean climate present, which allows its use practically all year round.