The proposed house results from a set of determining factors in the project, including the characteristics of the place, its surroundings, the adjoining buildings and solar exposure, but also the search for answers to the needs and desires of its future inhabitants, given their way of living and appropriation of spaces.

Both the implementation of the house and its spatial conception took into consideration the importance of solar exposure, and at the same time the need to create its own space, both inside and outside, without disturbing the street to the south, while ensuring privacy from the existing houses. Thus, the organization of the spaces sought to preserve this privacy, maintaining a strong and fluid relationship between the interior and exterior spaces, taking maximum advantage of natural light and sun exposure.

In this context, a U-shaped volumetric house is proposed, keeping the privacy of the mentioned elements, resulting at the same time, from this solution, a central outdoor space where it is proposed the location of the family leisure areas, namely garden and swimming pool. Its location on the south and west sides, allows the main compartments of the house to be turned towards it.

On the other hand, the north and east elevations end up being more closed, with reduced openings, unlike the others, which are much more permeable, dematerializing the boundary between interior and exterior, giving more amplitude to the spaces. In terms of the house’s internal organization, we sought to create fluid spaces without major visual barriers between them, privileging the relationship with the garden through the glazed planes.

Regarding the articulation between compartments, most of the spaces were concentrated on the first floor, proposing the most functional spaces, such as sanitary facilities, hall and stairs, in areas with less sun exposure, thus freeing up the areas to the south and west for spaces of greater permanence, such as living room, dining room, kitchen and family rooms, with the remaining rooms located on the first floor.