The present proposal results from a series of determining factors in its conception, namely the characteristics of the place, its surroundings, the solar exposure, and at the same time give an effective response to the needs and wishes of its future inhabitants.

In addition to this, there is also the fact that the property is intended to develop a small farm, as per the attached business plan, so these two functions had to be well articulated to ensure greater sustainability.

Regarding the house, one of the factors perhaps with enough relevance refers to sun exposure, since the south side is exactly on the opposite side of the views, raising some questions especially in how to reconcile these two elements for the benefit of housing.

Taking into account the factors mentioned above, it is proposed to implant the house in a relatively high area of the property, proposing a longitudinal volume in order to allow the location of spans both to the north and south, ensuring the various spaces the simultaneous enjoyment of sea views and a good sun exposure.

The dwelling develops only on a first floor, and a basement floor is proposed, essential to support the proposed agricultural activity, including storage, technical area and also space for collection of agricultural implements. The location of this space in a basement floor allows simultaneously ensure essential support areas to the farm, and reduce the visual impact and area of occupation of the building on the ground.

Given the reduced construction area of the house, it was decided to create open spaces, allowing a versatile studio fire, complemented by outdoor spaces privileged by the projection over the sea. Some of the exterior spaces, partially covered, are fundamental for the enjoyment of the place, considering the type of Mediterranean climate present, which allows its use practically all year round.