The proposed house is the result of several determining factors. Firstly, its articulation with the public road, the solar exposure, the topography of the plot and the existing cork oak tree that was intended to be kept. Secondly, the compliance with the legislation in force, and thirdly, the needs and wishes of the owners, regarding their way of living, their expectations for this house and their modus vivendi.

In this sense, and seeking a volumetry that integrates with the site, we opted for an L-shaped house with a single floor, maintaining a relationship in terms of height, balanced with the rest of the built environment.

Both the implementation of the house and its spatial organization took into account the defined distances and at the same time the need to create a more private garden, with good sun exposure, so it was decided to create a kind of pocket around the southeast, where we propose an outdoor leisure area with swimming pool and garden. It is towards this space that the southwest body of the villa, where the social spaces and services are located, and the northern body of the bedrooms are located.

The access to the house is through the west side where the garage is located. The entrance of the house is located in a central area in relation to the two bodies of the house, and at the same time the entrance allows a visual connection with the deck and pool area, through the glazed planes of the living room.

In volumetric terms, the two bodies are out of phase, being connected by the shading canopies both on the entrance side and on the more private garden side. This play of volumes gives the house some rhythm.