The proposed house is determined by a series of decisive factors in the project, namely the characteristics of the site, its surroundings, adjacent buildings and sunlight, as well as seeking to meet the needs and desires of its future residents and their lifestyle and space occupation.

In conceptual terms, we propose two slabs that are based on the topography of the terrain, allowing the development of the housing spaces in the void between these two slabs.

In this sense, when looking for a volume integrated with the place, we chose a one-story house to maintain a balance in terms of height with the other built houses, and also a basement floor for parking.

The implantation of the house and its spatial concept both take into account the importance of sunlight, and at the same time, it is necessary to create its own space indoors and outdoors without disturbing from the street in the north, which also ensures the privacy related to the existing houses.

In this way, the organization of the space tries to protect this privacy, maintain a strong relationship and fluidity between the internal space and the external space, so as to maximize the enjoyment of natural light and sunlight. In this case, the north façade eventually becomes more closed. Unlike other façades, much more permeable, looking for a much more open and fluid relationship between the interior and the outer space, through the surrounding glass, namely the garden and swimming pool.