In addition to responding to the needs and desires of its future inhabitants, the proposed housing results mainly from the characteristics of the place, its articulation with the surrounding terrain, the sun exposure and the landscape.

The greatest difficulty was to develop a house designed in contrast to the usual, in which the program is developed in this case from top to bottom, that is, access is made at a higher level, and housing is developed by descending floors. This solution results from the fact that the avenue’s elevation is much higher than the quota of implantation of the house, and access would always have to be done by this avenue, since it was the only connection with the public highway.

On the other hand, it was sought to enjoy the panoramic view of the Castle and hills, due to the fact that it is facing south, enjoying an excellent sun exposure, which had to be well controlled by a correct shading created by the slabs that projected beyond the few proposed walls.

In volumetric terms the house is developed indoors in an L-shaped plan which, in conjunction with the terraces, results in a U-shaped structure facing the pool area, a prominent element in the house, projecting onto the landscape. Considering the dimensions of the terrain, as well as the proximity of the contiguous terrains, the east and west elevations are more closed, more compact, reinforcing the central experience that was tried to create with the spaces in U.

The T3 villa, has several complementary living spaces, storage, technical areas as well as ample exterior spaces, that articulate in a fluid way giving a significant spatial amplitude. It was sought to dematerialize the house to the maximum, creating only walls and enclosed spaces only when necessary, so that the appropriation of the spaces of the house is made as free as possible. It was decided to place the swimming pool at floor level -1, thus minimizing the floor area of the basement, and freeing the remaining ground for garden.