This proposal arises from the client’s need not only to build a house for his own, but also to build and develop in the property a future lodging establishment, seeking to reconcile his activity with his house.

In terms of tourism, this region is characterized not only by its offer of sun / beach product, due to its proximity to beaches with landscaping of great natural value such as Lagoa beach, but also as a rural cluster with its own identity, which increasingly attracts another type of tourism.

In this context, it is emphasized the importance of encouraging in the future the creation of small local dwellings that reverse the dependence of this resource on the dwellings centered in the village of Sesimbra, and contribute to combat the seasonality of existing demand.

Conceptually the villa is defined by a horizontal white plane that rests on vertical stone planes, and the house program is defined by the spaces resulting from this volume game. It is organized in three areas, with a separation of the most social spaces of the house, such as the living room, dining area and kitchen, and the spaces of greater privacy, such as the family rooms, as well as an area reserved for service areas, storage and garage.

Considering the importance of the existing east-facing vegetation and sun exposure in the development of the project, it was sought that both social spaces such as the bedroom area turn their backs and protect themselves from the road area and access, and turn to the remaining property, opening to the south and east, ensuring to the various compartments the simultaneous enjoyment of views of the garden and the remaining property and a good sun exposure.

As mentioned above, it is also the applicant’s wish, in addition to their housing, to build and implement a lodging establishment, and in this sense 2 new buildings, independent of the housing, will be proposed, consisting of bedroom, living area, IS and terrace. These are located further west of the property.

Given its location at a higher level than housing, there is a physical separation of the two proposed uses, proposing their articulation through pedestrian path through the garden. In opposition to the orientation of housing, which projects south / east, the units face west / south, thus achieving some privacy between the two uses.