In a property located in a condominium, where the presence of several isolated villas in lots with generous areas, where the impact of the same is mitigated by the presence of plenty of vegetation and green spaces, making this place a very pleasant place to live. In this context, the house proposed seeks to shape the wishes of the client and his family in building their new home in this place, taking advantage of its beauty and tranquillity, enjoying a magnificent sun exposure and the existing green spaces.

The house has a contemporary language where the characteristics of the traditional Portuguese architecture, as well as the existing materials in the region, are quite present, thus seeking a harmonious dialogue between the flat volumes and the sloping roofs, between white walls with glazed windows, the region’s stone and the wood slats.

Natural lighting was one of the main elements in the definition of the program, which was complex for a single floor, due to the limitations of the distances to the lot boundaries. In conceptual terms it was important to ensure that the rooms and social areas had enough sun exposure, leaving the functional areas to spaces with less exposure and technical areas in basement. In this sense, the program was developed around an internal courtyard, which is the core of the connections both to the level of access to the house and to the ground floor, as well as to the basement floor and to the various interior spaces. This patio, besides central element, gains importance as a source of natural light for interior spaces.

In volumetric terms we tried to create a set of plans between facades and roofs, which allowed to control the incidence of the solar light and to create porch areas in the several elevations of the house. The volume of the dwelling is still marked by the gap of the south and north bodies, creating different visual relations with the exterior spaces. The various glazed plans seek to intensify this strong relation with the outside, contributing to dematerialize the physical limits of the house, diluting it with the exterior. At the pool level, we proposed it at a lower level than the house, guaranteeing more privacy and at the same time a better integration with the surrounding natural green space.