This proposal arises from the interpretation of the various factors that determine the way of inhabiting both the place and surroundings, whether by the needs and desires of its future inhabitants, being crucial in developing a solution not only consistent with the site but also in its own organization. Furthermore the fact that in the property is to be developed a small forest plantation business, presented in the attached plan, so that those two functions had to be well articulated to ensure greater sustainability. Given the conditions, in particular the fact that the house can’t be located in the RAN area, covering part of the property, it required a exercise of trying to deploy the house in an area that would guarantee the views of the sea and at the same time respecting the legal constraints.

Another determining factor in this proposal refers to sun exposure, since the south is in the opposite side of the views, which also raised some questions especially in how to reconcile these two elements in favor of the house. So, we opted for a longitudinal volume on the east/west direction, allowing the location of openings either north or south, ensuring the various compartments simultaneously the enjoyment of sea views and a good sun exposure. In terms of the arrangement of the spaces on the ground floor, we searched to locate the main compartments of the house in a privileged area in relation to the landscape, proposing the creation of a living area in covered wooden deck highlighting the magnificent projection for the sea.