This proposal is the result of a series of decisive factors in its design, namely the characteristics of the site, its surrounding environment, and sunlight, and at the same time it provides an effective response to the needs and wishes of its future residents.

In addition, the property intends to develop a small agriculture project in accordance with the attached business plan, so these two functions must be clearly articulated to ensure greater sustainability.

Regarding housing, perhaps one of the most relevant factors is sun exposure, because the south side is exactly on the other side of the view, and there are mainly questions about how to reconcile these two elements to benefit housing.

Considering the above factors, it is recommended to plant the house in the higher area of ​​the property, and propose a longitudinal space to allow the position across the north and south, so as to ensure that each space enjoys the views of the sea and good sunlight.

In terms of architectural language, we searched for a house suitable for the site. It must retain a certain amount of contemporary language while maintaining simple lines. The residence is only developed on the first floor, and it is also recommended to be on the basement floor, which is essential to support the proposed agricultural activities.

These spaces are located in the basement, which not only ensure the necessary support area for the agriculture project, but also reduce the visual impact and occupied area of ​​the building on the ground. On the other hand, the existing slopes proved the difference in land area, which increased the demand for basement floors, ensured the accessibility of housing and agricultural uses, and better implanted the land topography.