In this project we tried to create a house integrated in the landscape, not only by its shape and location, but also by the materials used. The interior spaces dissolved in the exterior, crossing the glazed planes, projecting in the view to the sea and forest. The fine slabs rise from the facade, and the wooden panels merge between the trees, seeking to dematerialize the house, and to enjoy to the maximum the surrounding landscape.

Another important aspect of this project was the energy efficiency of housing, so it was necessary to think about the choice of materials, the size of the glazing, its sun exposure and shading, the insulation and passive systems of climate and natural ventilation, without expensive system resources and avoiding high energy consumption.

This house was projected to be self-sufficient, functional and off-grid, with autonomous production of electric power and water supply through a drill hole, which supplies the housing and also the agricultural plan implement.. We also used the vegetation and existing trees, as well as the stone of the region to compose the garden, which was intended as natural and integrated as possible in landscape.