The building in question is located in the industrial area of Couço, Coruche, being used as the offices that support the company’s activity, use that we wanted to keep with the present proposal. On the lot are also a set of constructions, mostly intended for warehouses, also belonging to the same corporation. The present proposal arises from the need of the client to re-classify their offices building, which basically reflects the company’s image, not only for the services it embrace as well the centrality that it occupies in the property.

The existing building has an image a little uncharacteristic, not only by the uninteresting architectural language, but also by the signs of the passage of time. This set of aspects do not contribute to the company’s image dignity, which is intended to state as prosperous and successful. On the other hand, this changing proposal also intend to return to the building all the conditions needed for the exercise of its activity, proposing a renewal either to the outer level, as well as the redesign of the entire interior, in order to give to the customers and to those who works there all the comfort and functionality possible.

For the exterior changes, there is indeed a challenge to reformulate the existing building, keeping the same space. In this sense, we decided to create an exterior “skin” through a ventilated facade in perforated metal panels. This solution turned out to be a very easy way to transform the building, beacause being a distant skin of the existing support made it possible to reconfigure and redesign the various facades, not only in terms of their alignment as well as the volumetry. We also proposes the creation of an outdoor covered area of access to the building, which also establishes a covered path between the existing warehouse and the new offices, centralizing the various accesses.