The set of three villas now proposed results from a series of determining factors in its design, including the characteristics of the place, its surroundings, sun exposure, and at the same time give an effective response to the needs and desires of its future inhabitants.

In this sense, and seeking volumetries that fit the site, we opted for houses organized in two floors, thus maintaining a relationship in terms of height, balanced with the rest of the built environment.

Regarding the houses, they are structured so that they all benefit from the panoramic view, to the north, and at the same time from the sun exposure to the south/west, and care was taken to reconcile these two factors for the benefit of the dwellings.

Taking into account these factors, it is proposed to implant the dwellings in a relatively high area of the property, proposing volumes organized in L shape, implanted in such a way that each dwelling turns its back on the previous one, creating its own more private space, even though there are common spaces in the condominium that also allow for greater social interaction.

In terms of the organization of the program of each of the dwellings, we propose the most functional spaces in areas of lesser solar exposure, such as sanitary installations and stairwells, thus freeing up the areas to the south and west for more permanent spaces, the more social spaces such as living room, dining room, kitchen and bedrooms.

Regarding the articulation between compartments, we sought to create fluid spaces without major visual barriers between them, favoring the relationship with the outside, including garden and swimming pool, through the glazed surroundings. It is also worth mentioning the creation of terrace areas on the roof of the houses, in order to allow greater enjoyment of the views.

In addition to the houses, and in order to enhance the value of the condominium, it is proposed the creation of an annex for garage in order to provide the condominium with sufficient parking not only for the inhabitants of the three houses but also for possible visits. It is also proposed the construction of a common space with swimming pool and support shed with barbecue area, sanitary installation and a storage space for the pool furniture and engine room.