This house proposal results from a number of factors that determine the project development, namely the characteristics of the place, its surroundings, the adjacent buildings and sun exposure, and also to meet the needs and desires of its future inhabitants.

In this sense, and searching for a volumetry integrable in the place environment, we opted for a house organized in two floors, maintaining a relation in terms of heights, balanced with the rest constructed surrounding. Both the implantation of the house and its spatial organization took into consideration the sun exposure, and at the same time the need to create its own space, without being disturbed by the street at the north side.

Regard the articulation between the compartments, we sought to create fluid spaces, without great visual barriers between them, focusing on the relationship with the outside, namely garden and swimming pool, through the surrounding glass. It is also proposed on this floor the existence of two bedrooms in a more private area.

The entrance zone is located in the west side, giving access to a hall that distributes to the various spaces, where we propose the creation of a patio, providing the entrance of natural light, and at the same time, accentuate the relationship between the interior spaces and the exterior, a relationship that was sought to ensure in all spaces of permanence.